A part of how we help you achieve your goals is by listening to you. We work through your goals and integrate a manageable training programme into your current lifestyle.


We always create bespoke programmes for every rider to make the best use of time and optimal use of rider potential.


Direct communication is invaluable and whether it be email or phone we actively encourage regular contact as part of our training packages.

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Why Choose EPiC Cycle Coaching

  • Bespoke training plans to suit your lifestyle and goals
  • A wealth of knowledge and experience from experienced riders
  • Use of modern advanced technology to help support you
  • Phone and email communication as often as you need
  • Knowledge that every training session moves you closer to your goals.

What Clients Say

I like most that I have 100% confidence in the training I am set; that it is tailored to me and it will absolutely help me achieve my goals

Lucy Shaw, DROPS
I owe every result to the coaching team at EPiC Cycle Coaching, without this training I would still be sitting at the same level. The structured plan has given me the motivation and ability I needed. You can’t put a price on the feeling of winning or success.

Seb Baylis
Progression throughout the years of cycling is key, and with the help of Epic cycle coaching I have come from struggling at youth nationals to being where I am now. A huge thanks to Kenny this year for being so supportive throughout my season and to the guys that have helped me in the past from Epic. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today! 
Charlie Meredith, Giant CC - Halo Films