Author: Thomas Baylis

Hetty Niblett – Blog Post March 2018

Rollercoaster month… The month of February started pretty well to be honest, I landed in Girona on the evening of the 31st January, so the 1st February was my first ride of my 10-day block in Spain. Typically, after just being shorts weather for the previous two days there, I fly out and rain is forecast! The first day was just a 3 hour endurance ride to spin the legs after my long travel day and a group of girls set out on a steady group ride at 10am (apparently this is early for Girona time?!!). We managed to...

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Le Samyn Des Dames – Lauren Murphy

Waking up the morning of a race, the nerves and excitement usually start to kick in, especially the first race of the season. It was also my first race as an U23 and my first UCI 1.2 race, so the nerves were pretty high. The first thing I did was check the weather forecast in hope that by some miracle it had changed from the sub-zero temperatures expected to tropical conditions. It hadn’t. The race started at -3C with a ‘real feel’ temperature of -8C, so pretty cold. For the first 10 minutes I was fighting to get some feeling...

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Fifth at KBK – Matt Shaw

Last Saturday I made the trek down to Belgium for the junior Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne, have to say I was pretty excited to experience my first UCI 1.1, especially in a race as cool as KBK. Unfortunately as we got to Belgium late afternoon we didn’t have time to recce the course. Instead we got kicked out of the Mingay’s warm cozy van 20k from the hostel in Kortrijk and braced the Baltic conditions for a brisk spin home. After getting to the hostel, showering, wrapping up warm and getting a fat bowl of spaghetti covered in, as usual, way too...

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Hetty Niblett – Blog Post January 2018

So, this blog post is going to be an update on how winter training has gone these past few months. It is currently mid-January and I am desperately hoping I can see spring on the horizon soon; it has been super chilly here this winter! I started winter training around the start of October after a lengthy off season (due to concussion) but threw myself into training. One of the best moves I made was investing in a power meter at this time. It meant I could train more accurately, obsess over more numbers, and help Tom set even...

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Training Abroad – Matt Shaw

Whilst I was pretty gutted I was missing one of the only ‘snow days’ I can remember I was glad to be heading off to a slightly sunnier place: Girona. It was touch and go whether the flight went ahead. After my pal Oscar’s flight had been cancelled the previous day I was worried for my own flight. With an early start and a sketchy take off I was in the air and on my way. Lugging a bike box around Barcelona airport and waiting for the bus whilst not really knowing if I was waiting at the right...

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