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Protein to improve endurance??

Can your protein intake really have an effect on our performance as endurance athletes? Surely a high protein intake is more prudent in power sports such as weight lifting or sprinting? We already know that protein plays in an important part in both health and athletic performance. Did you also know that protein stimulates the secretion of glucagon which enables the body to use fat as fuel more efficiently?  As well as protein being a key ingredient in the body being able to burn fat more efficiently – 10-15% of the calories we or use wholesale NBA jerseys in endurance events will also come from using protein we ingest as a fuel. Our bodies cannot produce protein and it Rob is not stored anywhere in the body for later use, therefore the protein that use in young our bodies needs to come direct from our diet when the body needs it. If we don’t have enough protein in our diets the body is forced to cannibalise wholesale mlb jerseys the protein it needs from a source within the body – existing muscle. Grand tour riders have been known to have finished long stage races with the circumference of their thighs decreasing to a size which was smaller than when they started. In essence their bodies were eating their own muscle mass to continue performing! Dietary protein is made up of 20 Amino acids. Most of these amino acids are readily produced by the body as the need...

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Training young and developing riders

With the explosion of cycling in the last few years the number of cyclists who are racing has now – grown significantly across all age groups. For younger riders who are in the “window of opportunity ” and have dreams of becoming a professional rider they see ‘training harder’ as the answer to getting to the top of the ever increasing pile. Is this the right approach, or will it do them more harm than good? Young and developing riders – contrary to general perception -do not recover as quickly as maturer riders and do need to be carefully managed....

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Racing tactically to conserve energy

Experienced racing cyclists cheap jerseys China will tell you that the rider who wins the race will generally be the rider that makes the correct decisions during a race. At this point you’ve trained hard to be at the peak of physical fitness and now have lots of power and speed to draw upon. What you don’t want to do is waste it on avoidable efforts during the race and not be in contention at the finish. There are some obvious tactical decisions that will need to be made during racing. These are:- Do I follow that rider who’s just attacked, is it too early or too late? Do I try to attack and move across to the break that’s up the road? Will I make it on my own or will someone try to come with me and help me out? Should I sit in and get somewhere in the sprint or should I go for broke and attack a kilometre out? Before we even start to consider these decisions there are a few cheap jerseys even more basic skills to learn and  develop to be able to conserve energy and have enough in reserve to be contemplate attacking the race. One of the key elements of circuit or road racing is conserving energy. If we examine the power or – heart rate file of a rider who has won a race we always see...

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Springtime Pursuit Number 3 – Joel Kelly – MDCC Junior Team

The How final pursuit for 2013 again started on a fairly cold afternoon with spirits low among our group and the scratch group after the previous week, as we hadn’t managed to catch the leading groups. However, we were soon proved wrong, and caught both groups ahead with more than 2 laps to go! We started with wholesale jerseys only 12 riders in our bunch, which we knew would make it cheap jerseys hard to catch up after the previous week. The pace therefore started steady as we decided the best technique would be to wait for the scratch group to catch us China then work together to catch the others. With over 2 laps to go all the groups merged together, and with over 70 riders in the race, the pace soon picked up, averaging over 30mph on the return straight making it hard for us to keep up on junior gearing. It soon turned in our favor  however, on the outward section with a strong headwind and several small drags causing many riders to drop. Several attacks were launched by team Madison Genesis riders Brennan Townshend and Seb Baylis, however they were quickly chased down, and soon after they launched counter attacks tiring out many riders in the peloton. No riders managed a successful break until the end approaching the finishing drag. Riders Andrew Perkins and Mark Dolan (MDCC) put...

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