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Training under the pressure of A-levels – Elizabeth Bennett

I am currently in year 13 completing my second year of A-level’s. I am studying Maths, Physical education and geography. Being able to manage my studies with my training is key for me, because you have to make sure you get the right balance. I usually like to get the majority of my homework done in my free lessons in school or at lunch, and then I do my revision at home. I find revising in school quite difficult, as there are lots of distractions. In a school week I normally finish at 4pm, and by the time I...

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First race of 2017 – Etienne Georgi

What a long time it has been since I have last pinned a number on my back and raced! My first race back is the local Severn Bridge Road Race, which was also where I started in 2016. The course was a little different to last year, with the race finishing at the top of a climb. The wind was very strong making the race a lot tougher with big sections of the circuit exposed to cross winds. From the start of the race there were many attacks. I was trying to stay out of it as to not...

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Etienne Georgi – Back from camp and ready for his first season at U-23

2017 is going to be my first year racing as an U23. I am riding for Team Wiggins and have just come back from a 2-week training camp in Spain. I was really looking forward to this, so I could get to meet the team and get some good riding done in the sun. The training was good, with it being hard, but I didn’t leave the camp too tired – which was perfect. The camp felt like a nice break from my A-levels, we often spent most the day riding without being crunched for time, like I sometimes...

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National Women’s Omnium Championships 2017 – Lauren Dolan

Now in my second year as a junior rider, I headed up to Derby to compete in the newly formatted Omnium in the Senior Women’s Championships. This was the first Senior Omnium Championships I had competed in. To be thrown in at the deep end, racing alongside some of the leaders in women’s track cycling, Olympic champions Katie Archibald MBE and Elinor Barker MBE, was a daunting prospect. I had no intentions of racing to finish high up in the overall classification. Nor did I go there expecting any result at all. My main focus going into the event...

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Q&A: Lucy Shaw on life as a pro rider

First off… Do the nerves effect you as much as when you were younger? Say before a big junior race? Not quite. As a youth and junior pre race nerves were something that I really suffered with, and it often had a negative impact on my performance. I saw a sports psychologist for around 6 months which helped me massively. I still get nerves, which everybody does, but not to the point where it would have a detrimental effect on my performance. What types of foods do you have to eat before a long stage? I try and eat...

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