Since the 18th February I’ve competed in 10 Elite road races in France. This weekend saw an unusual break in the racing, giving me a chance to put in a really well structured mini block of training. When you race twice in a weekend every week it takes a long time to recover from the severity and intensity, with races producing a TSS of over 300, you can accumulate 600 TSS points in a weekend. To avoid overtraining and burnout therefore the beginning of the week is all about recovering from the races, then towards the end your thinking about reducing the volume and getting in a pre race ride to get ready to race again. This means you’ve only got about 1 or 2 days to complete some specific work.


With a gap of two weeks until my next races this allowed Mark (EPiC Coaching) and I to put together a really well structured block of training. I am coming to the end of the early season build phase and will be transitioning on to some shorter high intensity form building sessions next, but for now it was time to finish off the threshold development, endurance and V02 max work. Through the week we used 2-day’s of training followed by a reduced day or rest day. I used the day after last weekends race to put two days together, getting in 3hrs at zone 2. This was difficult with the race in the legs. I took a rest day. Then for the next block did a long 5hr group ride and a specific threshold session. We used a pre-breakfast turbo ride as my easier day on the Friday, followed by two Sweet spot and V02 max workouts over the weekend.

It was a hard start to the week, with fatigue remaining from the races, but once I got through that it tuned out to be an incredibly beneficial mini training block. It will set me up nicely for the up and coming races in the weeks to come.

My racing calendar for the next month:


  • 5th/6th Tour du Pays de Lesneven 2day
  • 12th La Gainsbarre
  • 13th Saint Sauveur le Lendelin
  • 19th Elite national
  • 21st Circuit de Méné
  • 23rd Grand Prix “U”
  • 26th/27th La Fléche d’Armor (course à étapes)