People spend thousands on kit for upgrades to make themselves faster whilst racing. Personally I think it will only make you so good, and won’t affect the limit on how far you can progress. The fact is that being coached and taught by Epic has changed my tactical, mental, and physical ability in cycling. Going from not winning anything at under-14 level, to winning some local races at under-16 – with the help of Epic I knew the progression was there, especially after I had beaten 15/16 year olds the size of men whilst I was still 5’2!

unknown-10After lots of hard work with the EPiC Coaching team, I’ve come away from my final season as a junior to win the Junior Tour of Ireland – a 6 day junior tour, take the overall win in the National Junior Series – showing my consistency throughout the season, and placing 6th in Keizer der Juniores UCI 2.1 – a race two years ago I’d say wouldn’t have¬†suited me.¬†With the help from the guys at EPiC, I have become stronger in every aspect of my riding, and I can gain results everywhere, no matter the course.

In 2017 I make the move to France, staying with EPiC Coaching, and looking to improve further!