Moving on to a structured training programme will make you fitter, stronger and ultimately faster. This will work up until a point, after which you may find yourself treading water and your fitness plateauing out. If you move on to a training programme that is correctly structured for you and designed to target your weakness found through testing and analysis – you could be making greater gains than you first envisaged


  • A bespoke training plan built around your lifestyle, time available and personal goals.
  • The benefit of coaching experience from riders who have raced at an international level.
  • The latest techniques in Sports Science.
  • A Training Peaks Account – online training software, which lets you see improvements and allows your Coach to correctly analyse your training.
  • Inspiration, motivation and advice from your personal coach.
  • The knowledge that every training session moves you one step closer to your goals.
  • Coaches who have proven success working with professional and club riders.
  • Association with leading sports professionals, including physiologist, physiotherapist, diet and nutrition and professional bike fitting.
  • Optimisation of your training time, no more time wasted riding “junk“ miles.
  • Increased knowledge on how to train as a rider through your Coach.
  • Analysis of training files and feedback on your progress.


How We Deliver Our Coaching

We use training peaks as the coach rider interface to deliver our coaching, we ask for feedback on the sessions through TP and analyse data thorough TP and a platform called WKO 4.

For each individual rider we also have a coaching group with up to three coaches in at any one time. This is for a few reasons. First – there is always a coach available to answer a needy query. If you have a technical question – there is a wealth of experience to be able to be able to give a concise answer, and If you are a young rider there is accountability (we always add a parent to these groups too).

At Epic Coaching we have developed numerous riders just starting out in the sport into professional bike riders. We have a select team of five coaches all with international racing experience and honours. They all have their own individual strengths as a coaches which we believe works extremely well when we combine as the coaching team we are at Epic.

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