A group of 16 British juniors on the 19/20th April, organised by John Barclay, and with some supportive parents driving, took a trip across the water to race against some of the continents top Junior riders.
The juniors included, Calum Anderton, Ollie Moors, Dan gardener, Jez McCann, Ollie Maxwell, Stuan McInnes, Luc Morgan, Tom Bicknell, Lewis Modell, Ricky Parsons, Robert Hogg, Alex Braybrook, Fabian Brennan, Karl Bailey, Hamish Carrick and Ethan Lee.

The second race of the weekend was on Sunday around Erpe in East Flanders. A fast technical course with some hard drags. These drags took their toll towards the end of the race with a crosswind section in the last kilometer, before a left hand turn and a slightly downhill 500 metres.

The race was strung out and very hard from the gun, attacks were going all day, the race staying together but the speed taking its toll on a lot of riders who were dropped. Eventually a reduced bunch came into the finish. I felt I had really good legs so I attacked with 750 metres to go, I was first into the last corner and managed to hold the gap all the way to the line for the win.

It was a particularly pleasing day as our Junior group took 1st and 2nd in the race.



Being coached by EPiC has been the single biggest factor in my development as a cyclist. Having the structure there, seeing your training plan laid out is amazing, but to have Mark there- whom I now consider a great friend as well as my coach, with the knowledge he has, as well as the support and patience , is unbelievable. Mark entrusted a lot of faith in me while I struggled with injury for the majority of 2013, which I am incredibly grateful for. Last year was my second year of racing, but at the beginning of this year Mark has helped me start afresh and set me on a very promising path. My gratitude towards Mark and my admiration of his ambition is huge.

Ricky Parsons