At EPiC Coaching were not shy and retiring, we like to shout about what we
acheive as a coaching team through our riders performances. As ex and current
cyclists we’re competitive -our clients achievements are ours too!

So here is 2014 so far… 8 wins, 8 second places, and 13 third places. One
series win (I am counting yours James). One National youth pursuit team track
record broken, a top twenty in Junior Kuurne Brussels Kuurne and the same in a
Continental Pro Kermesse!
Sorry I almost forgot Pfeiffer – BC U14 rankings leader and Jack Mattocks, his first weekend in Belgium riding two international Kermesses placing 6th and 9th!

All these performances were from guys and girls in build phase carrying out a
mini taper for the event – the message there is they still have a lot more to


We have recently had two coaches join the team at EPiC and now have spaces available for more riders. Don’t reflect at the end of this year with regret on what might have been had you engaged in an invaluable coach/rider relationship. The efficiencies in training and improvements in performances gained with EPiC will

have you shouting about your performances too.

Get in touch with the team at EPiC and become one of our achievements!