Epi coaching Etienne Georgi


The 2015 season has got off well for Epic coached youth and junior riders on both road and track. At Epic, we believe in building big bases, especially for young riders. Seasons are long and endurance is key to being good all year through. At this time of the year people will have mostly been doing endurance work and so would not be what anyone could call race fit. With that in mind their first few outings auger well.

The first track event for the team was part of the Icebreaker Omnium Series at Newport Velodrome. Lauren Dolan and Pfeiffer Georgi rode the U16 youth event, 5 races in one day with Pfeiffer finishing 2nd overall and both getting a good chance to practice some of the race tactics they are learning as part of British Cycling’s Olympic Development Apprenticeship.

In the junior boys race the day after Elliot Redfern and Etienne Georgi rode the endurance event, culminating in a 100 lap points race. Etienne finished 5th overall but both got some valuable track time.

On the road, Lauren got off to storming start, competing with dispensation (she is an U16 youth) in the women’s race at Odd Down circuit near Bath, she attacked on lap 1 and stayed away to finish half a lap up on the splintered bunch.

Junior rider, Etienne rode in the 2nd, 3rd 4th cats race finishing 4th after nearly latching on to the lone winner. Youth rider Joe Saunders also rode the adult event, gamely staying at the front for about 2/3rds of the race. A great effort with mature riders.

Racing at this time of the year is the time to learn and make mistakes. Epic encourages riders to try new tactics and to come away from each event knowing something more about themselves and the racing skills they will need when the results really matter.

For our young riders we always keep an eye on long-term development. The big medals will come when they are adult riders. The biggest component of success comes from having a plan and building consistently on skills, strength and fitness as the years go by. Each training session adds to the ones that have gone before and bit-by-bit they add up. Don’t panic if you miss the odd one but always keep the pressure on. One way we think about it is that no one day matters but put together, every day does.