EPiC Coaching are extremely proud to congratulate Etienne on being selected for British Cycling’s Olympic Talent Team.

We are all really pleased for Etienne he has worked extremely hard to get where he is today and in our opinion – thoroughly deserves to be there. At EPiC coaching we are keen to instill the qualities Etienne has been selected for in other riders we coach. So what is Olympic potential and how do we measure it?

It’s an ambiguous question to which realistically no one has the whole answer. It could quite simply be obvious physical potential with the desire to win, however it could end up being the slightest facet of a riders portfolio of talents that finally completes the picture.

What we of know with regards to Etienne is that his attitude towards cycling can not be faulted. Without embarrassing Etienne too much he is a rider who approaches every aspect of cycling with the same due diligence – every time. Whether it’s listening intently at an RSR, completing every part of a training session or cleaning his bike post training, Etienne gives it his full attention.

Of course, a good attitude alone isn’t going to get you where you want to be. We can only encourage other attributes such as determination and tenacity but if a rider’s mental approach is correct and they are willing to learn then the path to success will certainly be a more simplified one.

Etienne is very fortunate to come from a cycling mad family. Mum Louise rides and races, sister Pfeiffer is a Youth B National Series race winner and father Peter (when he isn’t producing films) recently won a European Masters track championship. That’s some family Palmares!

With this kind of pedigree surely success is imminent?
On first glance yes. However when you start scratch the surface of a riders development pathway and the potential pitfalls along the way it’s clear to see that is not the case. Etienne may be blessed with great support at home, however he faces and will continue to face the same obstacles as any other developing rider.

Etienne’s Father, Peter approached EPiC at the beginning of last year. Peter knew that whilst in terms of knowledge he was more than capable of helping Etienne achieve his goals, on a day to day basis however he was finding it hard to know exactly what sessions to set. He felt he needed another point of view and someone who could give focus to the bigger picture.

From where the coaching team sit in the relationship we have been able to help Peter and Etienne in three ways:-

We have extensive experience and knowledge of young riders. Youth rider’s develop in specific ways, their bodies are not the same as adult riders and they have different stresses and demands placed on them. We helped Peter understand and allow for this.

2. Accountability
As an external coach we have taken direct responsibility for telling Etienne what to do away from his Dad. Regardless of whether Peter is part of the planning, the individual sessions prescribed come from us. As any parent will know, having an external authority figure can be a real help…. It also means Peter and Etienne can discuss what has been set more objectively.

3. Confirmation and Guidance
We have been able to talk to Etienne on a regular basis. When things have been tough, in Etienne’s case being tired from simply growing, we have been able to share our experience of other riders. Our unbiased view has helped Etienne to understand how training can fit into daily life and more importantly, react to it. We have also talked about long term plans, putting in his mind the idea that training now is not just for the next few weeks but is laying foundations for the next few years.

Etienne has kindly written a testimonial for us below discussing his time with EPiC.

Etienne Georgi
Since starting work with Mark at the beginning of the year I have learnt a lot more about training and skills within racing. This year i have also enjoyed having a training programme, this is because i am sure of what i am doing from day to day. Also having Mark to talk to about training or resting and goals has been useful so i can make the right decisions so i don’t overtrain or even rest more than i need to. Overall working with Mark this season has been good for my development as an athlete and i have enjoyed it.

For more information about how EPiC coaching may be able to assist your development feel free to contact the team at info@epic-coaching.com for a no obligation discussion.