At the end of the 2015 season, having guested with a Spanish team for 2 months as a second year junior, I managed to secure a place in the Caja Rural development team for the following season. While this was a great opportunity for me to ride fully supported in U23 and Elite category races with one of the biggests teams in Spain, I knew I was going to need guidance. Having never been coached one on one before I realized I had a large margin for improvement in terms of fitness which I was going to need to make the most of in the transition from junior to U23. But as well as that, I was looking for support during the season where I was going to be living in a foreign country and being exposed to an entirely new culture both on and off the bike. I needed to be guided on training, racing and resting effectively.

unknown-1After a year with Epic, I have seen major improvements in my power data and I am very pleased with the service I have received. I feel I have found a good balance in my training between aiming at long term development and going well in the races. Over the course of a season you have setbacks such as crashes or illness as well as changes to the racing calendar, Epic have coached me through these times with an adaptive training program which can meet my needs in the short term without losing sight of my overall development. Having a raced a full season as an U23 I have achieved some respectable placings in races in the Basque country as well as been able to help my team to important results throughout the year. I am looking forward to another season in Spain next year coached by Epic where I can hopefully continue to learn and improve.