So, this blog post is going to be an update on how winter training has gone these past few months. It is currently mid-January and I am desperately hoping I can see spring on the horizon soon; it has been super chilly here this winter!

I started winter training around the start of October after a lengthy off season (due to concussion) but threw myself into training. One of the best moves I made was investing in a power meter at this time. It meant I could train more accurately, obsess over more numbers, and help Tom set even harder sessions for me! I have been totally converted to training on power and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Unfortunately, I was hit by the illness bug at the start of November, but after some bed rest I was fully recovered and back into training. Training through the rest of November, December and now through into January has been tough with the ice and snow against me but it has been going well and it feels good to get some solid weeks in the bank, especially as my first race is potentially only 6 weeks away!!

I am hoping to move to Belgium at the end of February to start my season racing and living there, none of which would be possible without the amazing support I have received from the Dave Rayner Fund to help me be there. I am so grateful and now extra motivated in training to dig that bit deeper and try that little bit harder, knowing all the opportunities I have in 2018 with my team Keukens Redant.