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Giant CC and Epic Coached Team Mates: Charlie Meredith, Jack Mattock, Elliot Redfern and Etienne Georgi win the Team Award at Junior Tour of Mendips


Our sole aim at Epic Coaching is to help people become healthy, strong and versatile bike riders. Amongst other things we specialise in helping young riders develop through the different age groups with a keen eye on their transition into the senior ranks.

At the 2015 Junior Tour of The Mendips we had our of our most gratifying successes yet, with Epic Coached riders filling 3 of the top five places overall, winning one stage, 2nd on two stages and winning the team awards. We believe this is a phenomenal achievement for a small coaching company and we are incredibly proud of the riders.

As part of coaching young riders it essential to manage the development from one category to the next with judgement and care. The jump from youth to junior can be massive. For women it can mean going from riding 1/2 hour circuit races to road races on the open roads with elite women racers. If you are serious about competing at at high level you may even find yourself racing with Olympic Champions within months of turning junior. For the boys, races can easily be 3 hours long, across open moorland and in all sorts of weathers – and some of the biggest races on the calendar are multi-day stage races. A far cry from riding around a closed circuit for 45 minutes.

Team Warm Up

We understand that a key component in coping with this jump is to help riders build reserves of endurance and strength that have not been there while at the same time making sure this new level of riding fits into all the other aspects of their life. We know how to do this extremely well.

5 Epic coached riders rode the Tour of Mendips, Harry Luxton, Jack Mattock, Charlie Meredith, Elliot Redfern and Etienne Georgi. Harry and Jack are second year juniors but the other three have just started riding in the junior ranks. The race is a counting event in British Cycling’s National Junior Series and competing at a high level would be considered very good for them. But over two days they achieved their best results. This may have been a surprise to others but not to the coaching staff at Epic.

On day one all riders were involved at the front of the race on many occasions, with Jack getting into a break mid way through the race and Etienne coming second on the stage from a break. The second day of two is always hard and this is where the Epic boys stood out. The riders have been doing hard days training back-to-back in preparation for just these type of events.

Charlie HarryBlagdon Hill






Day 2 @ The Mendips is brutally hard, going up three monster climbs and the rest of the race being either up or down. It was attacking all the way and at the end Etienne, Jack and Harry were in the 5 man race winning break. Etienne won the stage to secure the overall win, with Harry securing 4th and Jack 5th. Charlie finished 16th overall and Elliot, whose brake lever had snapped early on in the second stage – leaving him unable to brake properly and ride out of the saddle on the climbs still stayed in the bunch to finish 23rd overall. The 4 boys riding for Giant CC – Halo Films won the team award by over 2 minutes, and 3 of them are first year juniors.

To say we are proud of them is an understatement, not for us but for them. We have known they were getting stronger but they needed a result to believe it. This has proved that their coaching and training is building the foundations they need for the future and slowly the other work we do with them on tactics and psychology is teaching them how to race. Getting results in cycle races is as much about how you use the power you have got as it is about having the power in the first place.


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Thank you to Andy Whitehouse and Carol Kibble for the photos.