EPiC Coaching are pleased to announce that ABCC qualified Coach Kenny Wilson is part of our coaching team. He resides in Northern Ireland where he still races actively along with current clients.

Kenny has been part of our team behind the scenes writing plans and analysing data for some time but recently was encouraged by us to become a qualified coach and join the team. Since taking on coaching responsibilities in mid-winter his riders which range from 3rd Category Amateur to Continental Tour Level have had success on the results pages. His infectious enthusiasm and attention to detail make a great combination for the coaching environment.

Kenny Wilson

“I am extremely pleased to announce that I have joined the EPiC Coaching team.

I cycled and raced as a schoolboy in Scotland and then had a large break from cycling to engage in other sports. I have always been a good trainer and love seeing the reward of planning a training structure and then seeing the outcome. I returned to racing in 2012 with much help from the knowledge I have in sports and exercise science.

As a coach I believe in hard work and precision on my part. If my clients want to improve, then it is not only my responsibility to match their enthusiasm and hard work but to drive both on as a partnership.

So far my time working with Mark and Brennan has been fantastic, the idea of an all encompassing team which shares and discusses information and ideas is one I truly believe in and think sets EPiC Coaching apart. Whilst the one-to-one aspect of coaching is vital, the ability to bounce ideas and have back-up confirmation is something I think adds to the value any client receives.

I am genuinely excited by my new role and hope to work with passionate riders of all levels, and to help them achieve their goals.”

If you would like to be coached by  EPiC we are currently offering 20% introductory discount on all our web prices for training plans run by Kenny in Ireland. Junior rates are also available at suitably discounted rates.

For info contact Kenny at Kenny@epic-coaching.com