12 months ago I began working with Mark from EPiC Coaching. Since then I have seen vast improvements in every aspect of my cycling – from strength, to diet, to endurance. I also have a lot more confidence going into races as I have every faith in what training I am set, meaning that the  “have I done the right training” fears have gone. The great coach-rider relationship I have with Mark has also been crucial in my development as I can give honest feedback and openly talk to Mark about any issues regarding my health or coaching, making it easier to be set the right sessions and monitor my fatigue.


This year the National Championships were a big goal of mine; although I was a first year under 23, I knew the course suited me and I knew that I had trained hard. So I set myself a high goal of securing a top five in the u23 category and top 15 in the senior women. Despite some illness before the event, I was confident the the training I had been set by EPiC throughout the year had put me in the best possible shape. I managed to come away with 4th u23 and 8th overall. For me this summaries EPiC Coaching completely. After less than 12 months of coaching I had seen huge improvements in my overall fitness; gained more confidence and had developed a strong coach-rider relationship, which ultimately lead me to not only achieving my goal of the year but surpassing it.