Juniores – Open omloop

Thomas Baylis

11 laps of a reasonably technical to 8km circuit Undulating parve, off camber dead turns, sharp ascents and blistering crosswinds all meant that attacks were constant throughout.

After attacking twice, bringing groups of strong riders with me, a Dutch rider made a substantial gap; once the lead stretched to around 40s I made my bid to bridge the gap. Two more riders jumped across to me including a vaconseliel development rider who was looking in good form. After 3 laps of chasing, more riders bridged the gap to us, this caused  problems in itself as the peloton hovered around 30s behind us, with to the second car in convoy constantly pulling in and out of the gap.

Once we caught the lone rider, there were around 15 strong guys in the break, most wholesale nba jerseys of them were easily capable of taking the win, so I marked every move, some of them stayed away for a lap, others momentarily.

On the last lap the break had lost impetus as riders no longer felt responsible for doing any The work with so many riders attacking the break. In the last 2k the car pulled out for wholesale nfl jerseys the final time and I looked back to see what was left of the quickly closing peloton. At Training this point I took charge of the race more than I had ever before, taking a long hard drive on the front in order to stay away. Riders started scrabbling Jerseys to get on my wheel and as I looked under my arm I could see one strung out cheap nba jerseys line of riders. As we set up for the final off camber turn in to the parve laid finishing straight, I sat in fifth wheel for the sprint. At the 400m marker a rider attacked early. I reacted and found a gap in the gutter to squeeze through still sheltered from the wind. I ended up leading out the sprint, gambling for all or nothing in catching the lone rider from the Netherlands. On the line I was a bike length behind the winner and narrowly beaten to 2nd by the Vanconsoleil rider, 3rd place? Happy with that.

Day 2, an Omloop in Menen.

Ricky Parsons

Getting to the race earlier than our competition paid off greatly as two of the local volunteers put down their beers and offered to drive us around the course, commandeering a friend’s car in the process. This made for one of the most interesting course recons to date, with neither of the two very friendly, very helpful marshals, speaking any English, but Tom and I did our best in mixed French-Flemish. Though it was easy to understand frequent mentions of ‘de Ronde’ and ‘Paris Roubaix’ which gave us a clue to what the race might be like.

With a two kilometre climb, a lot of wind and quite warm conditions, I expected quite an interesting cheap nba jerseys race. Changed, numbers on, and warmed up we lined up raring to go. With my first experience of Belgian racing being very positive from the previous day, I was less anxious, and more excited. Zipping through the town centre and down a fast descent onto a long flat stretch of broken tarmac with patches of cobbles breaking through, Tom and I immediately found ourselves a few bike lengths of the bunch with a group of around 8 riders. Nothing came of this, as everyone knew that the crucial part of the circuit was the two kilometre climb, where the cross winds had picked up dramatically. Tom was highly active throughout the entire race, and looked very strong every time up the climb. I was trying to merely hang on, trying to move to the front before the bottom of the climb and slipping back to keep within my limits, this worked initially, but the rapid pace up the climb eventually took its toll on my legs. I was pulled out 2/5ths of the way through the race, but was chuffed with my personal performance. I was also very impressed yet again with Tom’s performance, but since I was now out of the race am unable to comment on Friend Tom’s performance, other than, despite his efforts, missed out of the winning break, eventually finishing 17th. A great weekend for both of us, learning loads and having a great time.