I  began working with Mark Dolan midwaythrough August, following a successful Junior Track Nationals. Prior to this, I had heard nothing but good things about Mark and Epic Cycle Coaching, so I was excited to see what gains and improvements I could make. The first thing that I noticed when Mark began to coach me was the emphasis that its all about the rider. Coaching is not just a coach setting training sessions and the athlete completing them, it is much more about building a coach-athlete relationship in which the athlete can provide good and accurate feedback on how sessions went and what works for them. Every cyclist is different and everyone responds to training in various ways, so the fact that the focus with Epic Cycle Coaching is finding out what works for you personally, rather than just completing a standard and generic programme, was something that really appealed to me, and gave me the confidence that I will succeed in reaching my potential as a cyclist.

With Mark as a coach I have been doing a lot more hours on the bike, building up my aerobic base- something that straight away both me and Mark identified as one of my weakest areas. Already, I am seeing huge improvements here; not only am I climbing better, but also recovering a lot quicker from efforts on the bike. Being a sprinter, it is crucial that I have a big enough aerobic base to get me to the finish of races on tougher terrains, and then still have enough left in the tank to be able to put in a winning sprint.

I have really enjoyed the beginning of my journey with Epic Coaching, and I am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve next year when I step up to becoming a senior!