“Before the race, I knew my legs were in good form from the Cadence [road race] the week before, so I was confident in how I was feeling. I was looking forward to the climbs the most just to see how I would fare, given its the first time I’ve done a race on proper climbs.

“When ever I go into a race I only focus on what I can control and enjoying the race. I was quite relaxed all weekend just thinking about my own race and not what everyone else was doing.

“I felt really proud because I’ve taken a big step up from when I was a youth, and I feel that’s all down to the help and support from the guys at Epic Coaching. I recently spent some time in Girona with Tom Baylis, which was definitely good preparation for the climbs. I’m also racing a lot smarter this season, with race tactics playing a big part in my win. The best part of the race was on the blagdon climb, when I looked round and everyone had just gone. That filled me with a lot of confidence and gave me an extra boost to take my first National Series win of the season.” – Oscar Mingay