EPiC Coaching’s Pro.1 package is aimed at the athlete who is on the path to the professional ranks or already inside the Pro Peloton. Whether an aspiring Junior rider, talented Espoir U-23 or working professional EPiC’s Pro.1 is aimed at optimizing every facet of the riders performance 24/7 so that your full potential can be reached. At EPiC we believe that communication is one of the key factors to the long term success of a coaching relationship. This package gives the athlete and coach the maximum opportunity for success.

All of our coaching plans are more than just a training plan. To ride well in any genre of our sport requires more than a rider to be physically strong. Sometimes it takes new riders a while to realise that riding well is not just about Functional Threshold Power and Speed. If you’re reading this you’ve probably already realised that and are sensibly looking for a coaching package rather than just a training plan.

With all of our coaching plans we set up a coaching message group for the rider. This is for you to be able to communicate directly with up to three qualified coaches at a time. This works well to quickly answer any queries on training, to feedback on data analysis from training completed and to discuss your racing:- files, tactics and riding style. It also gives you the re assurance of a second and third experienced opinion. This group gives us as coaches the interface to be able to discuss other key areas such as:- riding position, nutrition, bike fit, strength and conditioning work, pedalling style…the list goes on.

The training we design for you is tailored specifically to you and around your current lifestyle to make it realistic and achievable. There is no point in purchasing a pre written training plan that you don’t have time to complete or are too tired to achieve. All plans come with a premium training peaks account to enable you to plot future dates in the calendar. More importantly this enables you to also plot your availability to train.

Training is designed and reviewed daily. When the data is analysed feedback is then given to the athlete through the coaching group. We gladly answer any questions on the feedback at this point, ultimately our goal during this part of the process is for the athlete to be informed and comfortable that they are executing the training correctly .

The Pro.1 Road Plan includes all of the available benefits of the Elite Road Plan plus:

  • Daily reviews of training and racing data, review of powerfiles and ‘on the road’ updates to training to optimize efficiency of training
  • Unlimited contact via phone, text and Social media networks to personal coach and Performance Director
  • Body composition advice and seasonal objectives for body fat and power to weight ratios
  • Discreet (rider approved) consultation with Team General Manager if necessary to co-ordinate rider and team objectives
  • EPiC Coaching’s nutrition plans and menus
  • Regular field testing for zonal changes and physiological advantages
  • Motivational support and guidance on and off the bike
  • Career support led by a recent history good experience progressing developing riders through the cycling ranks
  • Contract and Sponsorship advice internally and externally

Cost of Plan: Monthly payment of £130

For more information or a no obligation chat about your event and training, feel free to email us at or call us on 07813046742