You may be one of the strongest riders in a race but as any experienced rider will tell you – this doesn’t mean your going to get a result – not unless you understand how to ride tactically.

One of the key aspects of EPiC’s coaching strategy is spending time with riders talking through tactical decisions they should be making at key moments. After these discussions we ask riders to use visualisation during training sessions, not only to provide motivation during the training, but also to develop those thought processes into a motor system – natural reaction. Attacking at the right time and making the correct tactical decisions in a race then becomes more of a natural instinct and less of a thought process.

EPiC Coaching have now taken the delivery of our tactical skills coaching one step further with the introduction of our second Road Racing Skills Course at Odd Down circuit Bath on the 10th May.

Cost is £55 per rider for the full day.

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Road Racing Fundamentals Poster - Odd Down