After an impressive opening ride in the 500m time trial (typically a sprinters event), Emily Tillett took fourth place, and warmed things up nicely for the flood of success that was yet to come. The Madison was set to be a closely thought race, with Liv CC – Epic Coaching riders competing in six separate teams for the title. Anna Docherty and Pfeiffer Georgi dominated the race. The duo won five of the eight sprints in the 80km race to take 30 points on their way to winning gold. Silver went to Lauren Dolan and Team Jadan Weldlife’s Jenny Holl, the only other pair apart from the race winners to take points on every single sprint as they took 24 points. Jessica Roberts and Cycle Engage UK’s Sophie Williams secured bronze by winning the final sprint, worth double points, to take them to 17 points. Meaning that the Epic riders had a clean sweep of the podium.

On the second day, the points race qualifiers. Two very different qualifying heats, with the first seeing a lone rider take a lap, and the second a slower but more tactical affair. In both heats, Elizabeth Bennett, Lauren Dolan, Jessica Roberts and Anna Docherty rode calculatedly, making sure they did just enough to make the final comfortably, and save their energy for the following days final.

A new day, and with it the National Points Race title up for grabs. Taking the race by the horns after losing out on the Madison title, Dolan launched her attack with Rachel Jary of VC Londres in a bid to take a lap. With all but one of the sprints having already been contested, Dolan needed to take the lap and win the final sprint (worth double points) in order to take the jersey. Charging through the field, she managed just that, and her gamble paid off. A great testament to her belief in her ability.

The fourth day of the championships was host to the weird and wonderful world of aerodynamics and lonely suffering; the pursuit. With some of the girls having recently returned from the European Track Championships, the times were going to be prevalent as to whom had managed their recovery best. In the qualifying, Emily Tillett, Lauren Dolan and Jess Roberts qualified first, third and forth respectively, with Tillett storming around the track in 2.26.954. The final saw a repeat of the qualifying, with the three Liv CC – Epic riders retaining their placings, and Tillett claiming the national stripes having beaten her finalist by over a second.

The final day of the 2017 National Junior Track Championships, the female scratch race was the closing event of their weeks competition. The Epic riders were by now well into their stride, and dominated both qualifying events. The final saw Anna Docherty pipping Ellie Russell of Sportcity Velo, and Pfeiffer Georgi to the line.

A fantastic week then, with four national titles, and having won all of the endurance events. A huge well done to all of our athletes on some outstanding results.