Road Racing Skills To Win

At Epic we love to help people win bike races. Most people think that the best and only way to do that is to get so fit and strong that you can just ride everyone off your wheel….. if only it was that simple.

The truth is that cycling is a hugely tactical sport. You use about 60% less energy sitting on someones’ wheel compared to being the one out front. That simple physical fact has created the myriad of tactics skills and styles of riding that we all love watching in the European Classics and the Tour De France. Our coached clients not only get help building their engines but learn how and when to use their new found power.








So popular is this side of our work that we have made it available to non coaching clients in our special Racing Skills To Win courses held over the South and West of England. These day long courses are aimed at novice to intermediate riders looking to improve their road racing performance.

They will teach you how to:

  • Position yourself correctly and move around safely in a racing peloton
  • Hold position at the front of the race
  • Attack effectively and at the right time
  • Establish a winning break
  • Think clearly about how you will beat your competitors

Coaching Skills Group1 clash 2





Our courses for 2016 are finished. Dates and information on our 2017 courses, and how you can take part, can be found here soon.

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