[title size=”2″]Why Choose Coaching?[/title]

Moving on to any well structured training programme from not being on a programme at all, will, make you fitter, stronger and ultimately faster. This will work up until a point, after which you may find yourself treading water and your fitness plateauing out. If that training programme however is designed specifically for you, pitched around your strengths and weaknesses, around the time you have available and involves regular testing, you could be raising your own ambitions higher than you had ever imagined.

Why are we so good at what we do?

Attention to detail. We don’t cut and paste plans, every rider is different and we put the time into acknowledging that simple fact. We analyse how you race not just how you train, we assist in developing the many other facets required to become a winner, there are many….

How do we do this?

We start by setting up your own message group with at least three of the EPiC coaches. There is always someone to answer your questions and the reassurance that your not just reliant on one coaches opinions. Our coaches meet once a week to chat in a forum to discuss our riders. As coaches our actions and decisions are accountable to other team members but also open to discussion with other coaches in the group. We deliver your coaching through training peaks and provide every rider with their own Premium account.

We go back to basics and video analyse your position, we debrief you after races. Help you learn to understand how to race to your strengths, train your weaknesses. You’ll have a plan with pre determined contact time per plan, but at any point if your unsure or genuinely need help we waiver the agreement and always jump in to help- its part of our ethos. We are passionate about what we do because we’ve all raced (and race) bikes at an international level. Coaching is for some of us our new racing, we still like to win big and achieve great things.

If you want to achieve something extraordinary in 2017, email us at info@epic-coaching.com

[title size=”2″]What are the benefits of being coached?[/title]

      • A bespoke training plan built around your lifestyle, time available and personal goals.
      • The benefit of coaching experience from  riders who have raced internationally.
      • The latest techniques from our Graduate Sports Scientist.
      • Training Peaks Account – allows your Coach to analyse your training.
      • Inspiration, motivation and advice from your personal coach.
      • Knowing that every training session moves you one step closer to your goals.
      • Coaches who have proven success working with professional and club riders.
      • Association with leading sports professionals
      • Optimisation of your training time, no more time wasted riding “junk “ miles.
      • Increased knowledge on how to train as a rider through your Coach.
      • Analysis of training files and feedback on your progress.

[title size=”2″]What Client’s Say[/title]
DROPS Cycling

I like most that I have 100% confidence in the training I am set; that it is tailored to me and it will absolutely help me achieve my goals.

ONE Pro Cycling

I’ve worked both as a client, and now as a coach at EPiC. For me, the fact that the coaching is so personal to each rider, and the support riders get from the larger group of coaches at EPiC, really makes it stand out as a coaching group.