The How final pursuit for 2013 again started on a fairly cold afternoon with spirits low among our group and the scratch group after the previous week, as we hadn’t managed to catch the leading groups. However, we were soon proved wrong, and caught both groups ahead with more than 2 laps to go!

We started with wholesale jerseys only 12 riders in our bunch, which we knew would make it cheap jerseys hard to catch up after the previous week. The pace therefore started steady as we decided the best technique would be to wait for the scratch group to catch us China then work together to catch the others.
With over 2 laps to go all the groups merged together, and with over 70 riders in the race, the pace soon picked up, averaging over 30mph on the return straight making it hard for us to keep up on junior gearing. It soon turned in our favor  however, on the outward section with a strong headwind and several small drags causing many riders to drop.
Several attacks were launched by team Madison Genesis riders Brennan Townshend and Seb Baylis, however they were quickly chased down, and soon after they launched counter attacks tiring out many riders in the peloton. No riders managed a successful break until the end approaching the finishing drag.
Riders Andrew Perkins and Mark Dolan (MDCC) put out big efforts on the front to ensure the pace didn’t drop, ensuring we had a very fast lead into the finishing stretch of the to race. As we hit the drag up to the finish riders from Exeter University took the front raising the intensity, followed by team Rotor Primal, and MDCC Juniors Tom Baylis and myself. Junior Heffernan* was the first to launch an Garoppolo attack; 4 riders including myself quickly followed him. From the left turning up to the finish I lead out the 4 riders cheap nfl jerseys in best hopes to stay away from the approaching bunch. We managed to stay away, but I couldn’t find vice the power and was pipped to the line placing 4th. Quickly followed by Tom Baylis (MDCC Junior Team) placing 5th respectively.Harry Loader (MDCC Junior Team) also placed well just behind us finishing 15th in the bunch.


With the help of the team, Tom Baylis managed to win the series overall with Joel Kelly in a close third place!

Overall the race wholesale jerseys China was a great experience and really allowed us junior riders to get a good experience of road racing along with other local pro riders. A big difference from circuit racing as a youth!

* RIP Junior Heffernan, a great and well respected cyclist. 

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