What are the benefits of Coaching?

It’s a question a lot of riders ask before being coached and there is no one stock answer that will fit every rider. The truth is it largely depends on the individual and the their ability and experience. If there were one main over riding reason it would be that coaching gives you confidence in the knowledge that ALL of the effort you are putting in to your cycling is improving you as a rider.

For riders new to the sport of cycling, the needs are clear cut. We must start from the ground up with a good period of physiological development and skill based learning. The skills learning is two fold and involves physical bike handling skills and tactical racing skills.

At the other end of the spectrum there are riders who fully understand their training and racing who still come to Epic to be coached. These riders realise that a good coach can pick up on the nuances of their training and introduce new techniques to develop their weaker areas. It may not be physically that the rider needs the main emphasis when trying to move forward, just talking a race through with an experienced coach can help a rider realise where good and bad decisions on the road were made – progressing tactical development. Key here is motivation, having a plan to work to can really help people make time for their training in otherwise busy lives.

Most riders sit in the middle of these two extremes to varying degrees. Ascertaining through assessment the riders coaching requirements is the first and most important task for coach and rider. After that the coaching becomes about applying a process of development applicable to the individual athlete and the goals they are trying to achieve.

Physiological development is clearly a key part of any process we employ with a rider. This is the most complex area and the rate at which you can improve, without going into too much detail, is largely dependant upon factors such as:- physical age, work, family, school, nutrition and health.

For the majority of riders;- being able to tap into a good depth of knowledge, help with goal setting, analysing data, setting good, relevant, structured training, motivation and accountability are the main reasons a rider will look to become coached. Being able to recommend trusted agencies such as strength and conditioning experts, bike fitters, physiologists and nutritionists are also a further benefit of being under a good coach.