I am currently in year 13 completing my second year of A-level’s. I am studying Maths, Physical education and geography. Being able to manage my studies with my training is key for me, because you have to make sure you get the right balance. I usually like to get the majority of my homework done in my free lessons in school or at lunch, and then I do my revision at home. I find revising in school quite difficult, as there are lots of distractions. In a school week I normally finish at 4pm, and by the time I arrive home its 4.20pm. As soon as I get home, I make my dinner and I’ve usually finished eating by 5pm. Then I’m ready to do my training in an hour’s time. I find that an hour in between eating and starting my training is plenty of time if I have a turbo/roller session, however if I have a road ride set I would normally go straight out on my bike once I’d got home. Usually if I have extra homework or revision to do I do it later on in the evening.

The most difficult part for me is sacrificing some things, because you cannot do everything and be everywhere at the same time. I may have something on in school, (for example revision for mocks or exams and that does have to take priority over training and racing) however I may have a race and have to travel the day before, or have a big stage race and I have to miss some school in order to do the race. In this circumstance I tell the teachers what days and lessons I’ll be missing, and collect the work beforehand so that I’m not having to catch up on school work all the time.

My advice I would give to others is to start revising for exam’s as early as possible. Set aside an hour each day, but also set aside relaxation time. Revising little parts of each topic, each day starting from now is easier than having to cram lots of revision in 4 weeks between exams start when you start to panic because you haven’t done load. Starting revision early and doing small amounts can also help with planning it around your training, because you should have enough time to do your training session as well whether it be an hour or two.