Four weeks in to the most intense, relentless block I’ve had to date, fatigue is at an all time high, and sleep quality is immeasurably low.

It’s 4.15am and I’m sat here recovering after 2x nappies and 2x clean sleep suits with only 160ml of SMA formula to quench the thirst, his thirst. Never let it be said that I resent this, having a child is the most incredible feeling, the promise, the anticipation of what he could achieve in life… When does youth training start!?

That said fitting training in around work commitments and a newborn is tough. As well as sticking to the analogy of ‘happy wife happy life’!

As a compromise I have decided to concentrate on crit races this season, mainly as they take up less time both training for and actually racing, I simply won’t have the time to do the endurance miles required for road races. That’s where the Epic team have come into their own for me, having structured indoor sessions that I can fit in around ‘life’ is a god send. When time is at a premium It’s incredible how a well put together set can leave you feeling so smashed after just an hour.

To summarise my current form, despite being very tired, I actually feel really good, legs feel strong and I’m buzzing for the first race in a couple of weeks!

Tim Prowse – former 120k rugby player trying to be a 92k cyclist.