Since December Kenny at EPiC Coaching has coached me in order to prepare me for a full season in Belgium, the main reason I felt I need coaching was to have that extra layer of trust in what I was doing all winter.

I’m glad, that after only a few months with Kenny’s help, I’ve improved consistently in both my strengthsĀ and weaknesses such as the sprint, where I added 10-15% on peak power, relatively quickly.


The approach seems to be a mix of old school but also with a scientific approach, this suited me well as I could still enjoy riding my bike for the majority of the time. However there was still enough higher level work to improve without become mentally tired. I’d be training anywhere between 15-20 hours a week, a lot of steadier work to improve the aerobic engine, but never neglecting the higher end with some strength work and snappier efforts.

I came out of the winter in good shape with confidence in my training, in my first senior kermesse in the Elite/U23 I was able to finish 98th/170+, whilst not the greatest result, the way I felt throughout the race showed me all the work I’ve done with Kenny’s advice had paid off. I didn’t finish the race on my knees, instead I was in control the whole race, even managing to attack in the final kilometres. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t got in touch with the guys at EPiC back in November I wouldn’t have been physically capable of that the first race out here.