This is generally the time of year that we all start to hang up our racing bikes for the season, take time off to recharge our batteries and start to reflect on our 2013 goals . If you’ve finished racing for the year you’ll hopefully have some relaxing and a few easy weeks of just exercising for fun planned. With the mental pressure of having to stick to your own rigid training plan now gone its a great time to lose the HR monitor and/or power meter and ride solely as a leisure pursuit. If you have become a bit disillusioned this is a great time to rediscover why you fell in love with riding the bike in the first place.

This annual rest period is important not only for your body but also for your mind to recover from the intense pressure you have put it under this season by striving to achieve perfection in your performances. Don’t rest up and you risk ‘burn out’ and possibly not even making it to the start of the next racing season. For those of us who squeeze racing in and around family who also make sacrifices for us it’s a good time to even the balance, perhaps spending a
little more time than you’ve been able to with the family ‘securing their support’ for next season.

A trap some riders fall into is getting back into training too early, feeling pressured by other riders who they see thrashing around the roads ‘not wanting to lose strength’. These riders come the middle of next season will not be
fresh, motivated and attacking the next training session with the same vigour as you will be next year.

During the transition period:

  • Take a few weeks off and relax, you’ve earnt it!
  • Reflect on your season analyze – then look forward and plan.
  • Take part in another sport for fun such as running or swimming.

Towards the end of this period after being well rested your probably chomping at the bit to get going on the bike again. It’s now time to sit down with your coach and start daring to dream about what you could achieve in 2014!